‘Get me out of Egypt’

By Lizzie Bernardino

But Moises answered, ”Don’t be afraid! Stand Still and you will see the Lord save you today. You will never see the Egyptian again after today. You only need to remain calm, the Lord will fight for you.” (Exodus 14:15 NCV)

HOW comforting it is when you know that someone is fighting on your behalf, and that someone is intercepting all the punches thrown at you. I remember in my early years, how my older brother protected me from the school bully. He would often see me crying during recess because someone took my lunch money. I remember seeing him charging towards my schoolmate in fury and demanding back the money the bully took from me. Immediately the school bully relented, gave back my money and run away with a promise that he would not bother me anymore. My older brother assured me that the bully would not harass me again. Knowing I have assurance of protections from my older brother, I felt safe and secured.

The Israelites have first-hand experience of someone fighting for their war. The Israelites lived the true meaning of suffering, trouble and being bullied. They had endured many years in the wilderness, after a lifetime of being slaves in Egypt. Uprooted from the normal life they had known, they were exposed to liberty and freedom they could not even imagine possible. Deliverance finally came through, after the King agreed to release them, and as Moses led them to the Promised Land.

Trouble again resurfaced when the Egyptian soldiers chased the Israelites and cornered them at the Red Sea. Fears started to sink in and anger surged towards Moses. When the Israelites saw the king’s army coming after them, they were frightened and cried to the Lord for help. They confronted Moses, “What have you done to us? Why did you bring us out of Egypt to die in the desert? We told you in Egypt let us alone, we will stay and serve the Egyptians, now we will die.” (Exodus 14:2-11 NCV)

The Lord heard their cry for help and asked Moses to raise his walking stick and hold it over the Red Sea as it split and they were crossing on dry land. The Israelites were afraid of drowning but had no other recourse than to believe Moses, and follow his directions. After all, they had seen many miracles conducted in Egypt that saved them from slavery and bondage.

God was asking the Israelites complete surrender of their trust. The Israelites were confronted with the dilemma; cross the Red Sea now or go back to Egypt and die as a slave. Panic sank in but out of desperation, they crossed the Red Sea. God showed miracle again, God took the helm, and as the story goes, enabled the Israelites to cross the Red Sea, while drowning the Egyptian army in crossing. When the Israelites saw the great work of God, they feared the Lord and believed HIM and His servant Moses (Exodus 14:31 NKJV)

The euphoric feeling was short-lived, murmuring and grumbling started again. It was merely three days after the “Red Sea” incident, when they could not drink the water in the Wilderness of Shur, because it was bitter, that they started to complain and wailed at Moses. The Lord again responded and showed Moses a tree, and when it was cast into the water, made the water sweet and drinkable.

During the Israelites’ many years of stay in the wilderness, God provided them with Pillars of clouds to protect them from the heat during daytime, and Pillar of Fire to lighten their way at night. God provided them with Food. HE sent Quail from heaven, and Manna with the instruction that each man should gather Manna according to each one’s need. (Exodus 16:18 NKJV) Yet, other creative Israelites ignored Moses’ warning and tried to store Manna only to find them rotten the following day.

The Israelites rejoiced again, but not for long. The Book of Exodus, will tell you how the Israelites murmured, complained and how our Father God responded and performed miracles over and over again.

The parting of the Red Sea was a magnificent sight to behold, and showed how God can create miracles after miracles. But the Red Sea incident did not change the heart of the Israelites. It was hard for them to accept that they were free from slavery. As slaves, they were accustomed to being told what to do and where to go. They were provided with food, clothing and shelter. They were physically in bondage, and mentally captured, programmed to follow orders. This was the only way of life they hd lived and endured from generation to generation.

We can also relate our situation with that of the Israelites, God has repeatedly assured us, and offered us life everlasting, that we can be free and be delivered from sin and death, by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. (John 3:16 NKJV).

Just like the Israelites, it is hard for us to trust God and believe that God can take us out of Egypt. Many of us still live in bondage of slavery. Many of us keep on going back to Egypt, refusing to cut the chain of bondage and slavery.

What is your “Egypt” today? Are you in financial bondage? Do you need Manna and Quail from heaven? Do you need healing? Is your well drying up and you need hope and encouragement? Is your relationship and marriage on the brink of separation? Are you facing legal battle right now? Is you business failing, are you losing your home? Whatever “Egypt” you are confronted with, God will fight the battle for us.

Ask God to take you of “Egypt.” God did that to the Israelites. God did it before and God can do it again.

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