Atom gets more personal in web series

Atom Araullo

ATOM Araullo isn’t someone who would describe himself as “loquacious,” especially behind the cameras—he tends to keep to himself. And that, he said, reflects on his behavior on social media.

But as he takes on a new show for an online platform, where interaction is king, the Kapuso broadcast journalist said he might have to start being more active on social media.

“There has to be a balance, though. Responding to everyone who has an opinion online can be overwhelming. You also have to maximize the opportunities for conversation the feedback mechanism the medium provides, and gain something from it,” he told the Inquirer at a press conference for “Adulting with Atom Araullo”—one of the three YouTube series that started to go live on Jan. 1, as part of GMA One Online Exclusives.

In the show, Atom discusses the struggles millennials face today in their journey toward adulthood, including issues about living independently, making career decisions, taking care of finances and maintaining personal relationships.

“I will be sharing with viewers my personal experiences, too. It was only recently that I decided to finally move out of my family’s house. And it’s different for everyone; some people started living by themselves earlier. So, it’s important for us to get their views, which will ultimately guide our show,” the 35-year-old television personality said.

“If we ask our audience about their thoughts, we have to make sure that we give them feedback,” he added. “We have to fuel the conversation, so that it moves forward.”

Aside from being more engaging on social media, adapting a more casual hosting style is just as crucial in creating online content—a breather from the seriousness with which Atom usually presents his news reports and documentaries.

“This time we can let our hair down, so to speak. In this medium, it’s all about being yourself, being real,” said Atom, who transferred to GMA 7 from ABS-CBN late last year. “If you notice, the best online shows are those that feel intimate—which happens only when the host comes across as someone relatable and sincere.”

In addition to “Adulting,” GMA One Online Exclusives launched more online series: “#Goals with Gabbi Garcia,” in which the young actress talks about pop culture, fashion, travel and beauty; and “Fact or Fake with Joseph Morong,” a show where the broadcast journalist fact checks and debunks false news items and helps netizens be more discerning about the things they see on social media.

New episodes of the said shows are uploaded to GMA Network’s official YouTube account every Monday at 5 p.m.
“The digital landscape is growing and constantly evolving. There’s a lot of digital content out there. Anyone with a webcam can produce a show,” Atom pointed out.

“And so, we have to come up with something that would give knowledge and not something that just adds to the noise.”