FilAm K-pop idol Kriesha Chu returns with ‘Dream of Paradise’

Kriesha Chu while performing during “K-Pop Star 6”.

MONTHS after introducing her sweet and bubbly self to the K-pop scene, Fil-Am soloist Kriesha Chu released her first EP “Dream of Paradise” last Wednesday.

Although slightly different from the sonic style she showed when she released her debut single “Trouble”, Chu remains bubbly in her latest release. The 20-year-old K-pop sweetheart is still covered in an innocent and pure vibe because of her signature beaming smile, which brightens up her performances.

The new four-track EP is led by lead track “Like Paradise”, a blend of futuristic bass sounds and tropical house, which is the current musical trend in the K-pop scene. The song is composed by Hui of K-pop boy group Pentagon, who also produced Wanna One’s smash hit “Energetic“ and ”Never“.

“’Like Paradise’, it’s a new genre I’ve never tried. So I focused on showcasing new sides of myself,” said Chu, again flashing her infectious smile at reporters, during a media showcase for her latest album in Seoul on Wednesday.

“I might have looked ‘cute’ in my previous work, but I wanted to upgrade myself into a more developed musician.”

While Chu had stepped onstage wearing tomboyish baggy outfits with a giant belt around her waist for the high-energy “Trouble”, the teenage singer is more toned down and mature in “Like Paradise”, wearing a pink jacket and feminine-looking curly hair.

During the showcase, Chu, who came to Korea from San Francisco in 2015, revealed that she has been working on her Korean for the new album.

Originally hailing from Cebu, Philippines, Chu was scouted by Urban Works Entertainment while she was in the United States. After coming to Korea to pursue her K-pop superstar dream, she gained public recognition by competing in the sixth season of “K-pop Star” and was part of the runner-up group KWINs.

The EP also includes both Korean and English versions of pop track “Sunset Dream” and the ballad “Falling Star”, a duet with Chu’s bandmate Min Joo.