Bongbong to Aquino: Let people judge Marcoses

Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

MANILA – Vice presidential aspirant Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. ignored on Monday the continued criticism of President Aquino, saying the people would judge the Marcoses and the Aquinos in the coming May elections.

“The President criticized not only me personally but everything about my family. And I say, leave it to the people to judge. That’s essentially what I’m saying. Leave it to the people to judge.”

In a press briefing during his campaign in Rizal province, Marcos asked Aquino what he has done for the country during his administration.

“Who did the most for this country? Who did the most for the people? That’s the judgment not only for Marcoses, not only for Aquinos. That’s the judgment that every voter has to make for every candidate.“
Marcos said voters would decide who among the candidates have helped the country and who have sacrificed to bring progress and development particularly in the countryside.

He said the people must scrutinize every candidate from president down to the municipal councilor if they are wiling to sacrifice and if they are capable of doing their jobs.

Marcos also accused Aquino of derailing the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

He reminded the President that the BBL is a local bill and must first be approved by the House of Representatives before he, as chairman of the Senate local government committee, could act on it.

Marcos said the weakness is not in the process but in the bill itself, which is also unconstitutional and unlikely to bring peace – the reason the congressmen did not approve it.

Meanwhile, he also praised on Sunday the selfless dedication of volunteer firemen who risk their lives to serve the people and their property.

Speaking before the Association of Volunteer Fire Chiefs and Firefighters of the Philippines Inc. at the launch of activities to welcome “Fire Prevention Month” at the Harbour Center in Tondo, Manila, Marcos said the group serves as living proof that the spirit of volunteerism is very much alive.

“The spirit of volunteerism that is shown by our volunteer firemen is a good example to our young people,” he said.

Marcos said volunteer firefighters provide crucial assistance to the public in times of fire, noting that with the use of their own resources volunteer firefighters normally manage to acquire better equipment compared to their government counterparts.

Officials of Rizal province declared their support yesterday for Marcos.

Former vice governor Frisco San Juan Jr. said the Marcos family has done so much for the progress of the province, especially during the term of the late president Ferdinand Marcos.

“We will assure you that the province of Rizal will forever be Marcos country,” said San Juan.

Aside from San Juan, those who welcomed Marcos were Gov. Rebecca Ynares, Antipolo City Mayor Casimiro Ynares III, Antipolo 2nd District Rep. Romeo Acop, Antipolo 1st District Rep. Roberto Puno and former Antipolo mayor Angelito Gatlabayan.

For his part, Marcos thanked the political leaders of Rizal, and those present, for the warm welcome as he promised more livelihood assistance to the province once he is selected as vice president.