Roxas may win unopposed and must set politics aside

By Frank Wenceslao

WITH Grace Poe almost certainly disqualified, in fact, she should not have been allowed to run for the Senate; Rodrigo Duterte’s COC is invalid; and Vice President Jojo Binay irreparably damaged by allegations of inexplicable assets beyond the realm of the statistical probability of he and his family’s combined lifetime income except from the proceeds of corruption he’s accused of, Binay has unpleasant choices to resign like President Nixon’s Vice President Spiro Agnew, negotiate a plea bargain in order not to be arrested by the U.S. Department of Justice-IRS-FBI anticorruption team with local law enforcers’ cooperation for extradition to the United States for gross violation of international cooperation agreements against corruption (ICAACs) that the 14 top non-US citizen officials of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) were arrested in Zurich last May.

Hence, only Miriam Defensor Santiago and Mar Roxas would be left to contest the presidency in the May 2016 elections. It’s neither remote nor beyond the lady Senator’s patriotic fervor to consider that for love of country since Roxas can accomplish most if not all that she would like done for our people that she might withdraw and let Roxas win unopposed to make him more cognizant of her wishes for the nation.

Should this come to pass, God must have decided that it’s time a leader like Moses bring His beloved Filipino people to the promised land. Roxas surely will appreciate it’s our Almighty Father first and the Filipino second that he owes his victory.

For the religious like me, I believe the time has come indeed for a good leader though unimpressive in the past to rise among us, which I expressed in my letter to Dr. Susan Desmond Hellmann, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as follows:

“Your focus to improve people’s health and give them the opportunities to help themselves get out of poverty and its debilitating effects such as hunger and unconducive social environment to succeed in school and have better quality of life is very commendable. However, there is always an ‘elephant’ in every room they go through to complete the process causing many to fail. That elephant is corruption – now one of the new “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” with organized crime, international drug trafficking, and terrorism debilitating national economies not only of poor nations but also industrialized countries including the United States. The violent riots in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD could be symptoms of a worsening disease that as the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

“The U.S. can of course take care of itself. Corruption is the real problem of poor nations eating up their scarce national resources including foreign aid and charitable giving, hence it should be eradicated which our advisers have theorized possible like the diseases such as bubonic plague, smallpox, cholera, etc. that ravaged mankind in the Middle Ages. They have convinced me corruption can be eradicated or at least minimized on a country-to-country basis to make economies grow some sort of antibodies to “kill” it with the participation of large charitable givers like your foundation with funds to spare for this project.”

I’ve submitted to Dr. Desmond-Hellmann a copy of the 10/08/15 letter of Jeffrey I. Cooper, IRS Director of Exempt Organizations, Rulings and Agreements, granting Pamusa tax-exempt status originally under Sec. 527 of the Internal Revenue Code subsequently changed to Sec. 501(c)(3) which nonetheless enables Pamusa to receive tax-deductible unlimited amount of funds to suit Pamusa’s U.S. Department of Justice’s authority to participate in fighting corruption and kleptocracy as well as protect the U.S. and international financial systems. The exemption is changed for Pamusa not to be politically involved in promoting election candidates but can nonetheless spend unlimited amount of tax-deductible contributions it receives for advocacy, educational and informational campaigns.

For instance, the contributions Pamusa will receive from U.S. foundations and other voluntary charitable givers will be devoted to fight poverty and its leading cause, corruption, towards its eradication or at least minimization. These charitable organizations made aggregate giving in the U.S. and overseas that reached nearly $360 Billion last year. From a fair share of this dharity giving Pamusa’s immediate concern is to mobilize Filipino Americans and other Filipinos overseas estimated now to be about 8 million to vote in Philippine elections at the same time urge 20 to 30 million relatives and friends at home especially the voters not to elect unqualified candidates without executive experience and moral compass whose popularity is merely for being current and former movie or sport stars.

Since Filipinos overseas continue to send help to relatives and friends at home, Filipinos are tied by “utang na loob” (debt of gratitude) and have developed persuasive powers to end the election of people whose popularity is derived merely on their personal popularity being currently and former movie and sport stars. Pamusa will provide educational and informational tools out of the contributions received to reach out our less informed citizens easily carried away by preposterous but empty promises of charlatans and demagogues. According to sociologists and poly-scientists the election of unqualified officials to governing positons by low-information voters is one of the leading causes of poor nations’ economic ills which at present is well manifested in the Philippines.

Should Roxas indeed be elected President, Filipino American who’re Pamusa’s most reliable supporters agree that Roxas must be backed by its “providentially” given empowerment to prod the USDOJ, IRS and FBI in fighting the debilitating effect of corruption to invoke international cooperation agreements against corruption (ICAACs) such as the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC); OECD mandates of permitting exchange of information between national taxation authorities; G8 and G20 agreements allowing the opening of foreign bank accounts when suspected to belong to a person and corporation or their dummies, surrogates, assigns, etc. under investigation, prosecution, or trial of corruption and similar crimes not necessarily in his country can effect reformation of the Philippine government down to its basic structure, as follows:

(1) Upgrading its electoral system and the candidates running for office by enabling the Commission of Elections by law without amending the Constitution its powers to disqualify nuisance candidates be broadened to analyze if the “one citizen, one vote” constitutional provision per se were serving the national interest and not stunting the country’s progress when nuisance voters are registered and allowed to vote like giving due course to nuisance candidacies.

(2) Minimizing corruption towards its eradication and all its aspects until only incurably criminal minds dare getting involved in it. Corruption can be a social stigma like leprosy that people won’t socialize with anyone suspected to be involved in in corruption

(3) Make restitution so harsh to result in impoverishing the guilty after proper investigation, prosecution, and trial under Philippine and international laws such as the ICAACs enforced by U.S. laws so that suspected perpetrators can be arrested in their countries for extradition and trial in the United States like what would happen to the abovementioned 14 FIFA officials for racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering based on the FBI investigation of their widespread corruption over the past two decades in the biddings for World Cup games as well as the marketing and broadcast deals with TV networks.

Finally with regards the horrendous Metro Manila traffic, experts have asked me why nobody thought of constructing downtown airline terminals (DATs) for Metro Manila which is probably the only metropolitan area no DATs arrived. All big cities in the world have DATs so only passengers and people servicing airlines and the airports with their amenities can come to airports. Arriving passengers should also proceed to DATs to be met or picked up to go wherever their destinations may be. Only top officials or visiting dignitaries can be met or brought to the airports.

The downtown airport terminals could have been done by President Aquino had not incompetent officials were appointed to head Pagcor who are allegedly more interested in the kickbacks from casino and entertainment center owners/operators given most of the reclaimed areas in Pasay City and Parañaque. Actually, the Public Estate Authority is supposed to get 60% of reclaimed areas which should have provided suitable sites for the Southern Metro Manila Airline Passengers terminal as well as terminals for buses from the south so they don’t have to enter the inner Metro Manila areas.. Similar areas should have been found for the Northern Metro Manila Airline Passengers Terminal and buses coming from the north so they don’t enter inner city areas.

Hence, all airline passengers and their carried baggage including people sending them off which can’t be eliminated in the Philippines can go only up to their respective terminals where they will check in their flights and be bussed to the airport terminal where their flights are. Both terminals could be connected by widened side streets connected to freeways from the SLEX, CLEX and NLEX respectively.

Just imagine that under this scheme, there might not even be a need to go through EDSA in going to the airport. But if the PEA-owned reclaimed lands have also been included for the sites of the casinos and entertainment centers mushrooming in the Pasay and Parañaque areas, this requires congressional investigations to find out who are the idiots responsible for allowing the proliferation of casinos and entertainment centers that didn’t consider the collapse of Atlantic City, New Jersey, when Indian casinos proliferated in adjoining states.

Macau, for instance, could doom Metro Manila’s casinos and entertainment centers. The government hasn’t yet take to account Mike Arroyo and Efraim Genuino for the corruption they allegedly perpetrated in Pagcor. Now comes another Pagcor’s bright idea but, of course, with different corrupt personalities this time.