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Leila in high spirits, blasts gov’t from cell

MANILA – Sen. Leila de Lima continued to speak out against the Duterte administration, even from “behind bars.” De Lima released a statement yesterday on the commemoration of the 31st anniversary of

De Lima: I won’t be silenced

MANILA — Sen. Leila de Lima did not go quietly. “If they think they can silence me, if they think I will no longer fight the fight I’ve been waging, especially for

Digong vs Leila: A battle over death

MANILA — Sen. Leila de Lima, arrested on Friday on drug trafficking charges, has waged a decade-long crusade to expose President Duterte as the leader of death squads that have killed thousands

Robredo warns of creeping dictatorship

ANILA — The administration of President Rodrigo Duterte has begun to show signs of a creeping dictatorship, beginning with the detention of his fiercest critic, Sen. Leila de Lima. Vice President Leni

Palace: Leila’s arrest not political persecution

MANILA – Malacañang slammed yesterday the claims of detained Sen. Leila de Lima and her supporters that the legislator’s arrest was a result of political persecution by the Duterte administration. She is

Duterte debasing gov’t for ‘personal vendetta’ – Human Rights Watch

MANILA — An international human rights group on Friday said the arrest of Sen. Leila de Lima shows what President Rodrigo Duterte is capable of. “The arrest of Senator de Lima suggests