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Duterte: Rough ride ahead

MANILA — Tough-talking Rodrigo Duterte warned of a “rough ride” after being sworn in as the 16th President of the Philippines on Thursday, promising a relentless war on crime and corruption, but

Rody’s speech: The long and short of it

MANILA — President Rodrigo Duterte’s 15-minute inaugural address was presidential, purposeful and persuasive, one senator said, while another described it as simple, brief and understandable. “We all know it won’t be easy

Duterte faces daunting challenges

MANILA — Rodrigo Duterte, who was sworn in as the Philippines’ 16th president on Thursday, has given himself a colossal campaign promise to fulfill: eradicating crime — especially drug trafficking, smuggling, rapes

Cabinet told: No VIPs, stop online gambling

MANILA — Forget special treatment and put an end to online gambling. These are two of Rodrigo Duterte’s first marching orders to the members of his Cabinet as he spelled out his

Davao City pastor urges Filipinos: Rally behind Duterte

DAVAO CITY – A pastor based here asked his fellow Filipinos to throw their support behind Rodrigo Duterte as he formally assumed his post as the 16th President of the Philippines on

Leni cites Jesse as she calls for national unity

MANILA — Leni Robredo sounded a rallying cry for national unity on Thursday as she took her oath of office as the country’s 14th Vice President, becoming only the second woman to