Monthly Archives: June 2015

US ruling on gay marriage hailed in PH

MANILA — If Tom and Joe can now marry anywhere in the United States, can Tomas and Jose do the same soon in the Philippines? The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)

PH halts repairs on Spratlys airstrip ahead of UN suit

MANILA — The Philippines has halted the repair of its airstrip in the disputed Spratly islands due to its pending suit at The Hague challenging China’s claim over the waters, a presidential

Plant shutdowns trigger Luzon blackout

MANILA  – Parts of Luzon experienced a brief power outage on Saturday after two power plants went on forced outage for still undetermined reasons. Yesterday’s power outage came after Friday’s gas supply

China actions like Russian attack — US

MANILA – China’s terra-forming in disputed waters in the South China Sea is just like Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula and has become “a threat to peace and stability,” according to

Landmark rulings see US Supreme Court move to the left

WASHINGTON  – With four justices appointed by Democratic presidents and five by Republican leaders, the US Supreme Court is generally perceived as being weighted in favor of conservatives. But after two historic

516 injured in Taiwan park blaze

TAIPEI— The number of injured caused by a blaze in a recreational water park in Taiwan rises to 516, according to local health department on Sunday morning. A total of 194 people have been