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How to beat bloat for bikini season

SUMMER is right around the corner, and so in other words, it’s (gulp) swimsuit season. Many people will frantically look for fad diets to lose weight quickly or search online for foods that will

Batanes storm-free for past 10 years

BATANES —Storms have become a shy visitor in Batanes province in the past decade—an oddity believed to be due to climate change, which is slowly transforming the face of this island chain

Pinoy accused of killing co-worker pleads not guilty

SAN DIEGO  – The Filipino accused of murdering his Pinay co-worker pleaded not guilty on Friday at a San Diego Courthouse. Leopoldo Pacuan’s arraignment was delayed earlier this week because of a

Hagel spars with China

SINGAPORE—US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel accused China Saturday of “destabilizing actions” in the South China Sea and warned that Washington would not “look the other way” if international order is threatened. But

Pentagon chief rebukes Thai junta

SINGAPORE – Thailand’s coup leaders faced fresh international condemnation Saturday when US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel demanded immediate elections and the release of detainees held by a junta which says there will

Mystery donor of hidden cash sparks frenzy in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — An anonymous cash donor who touched off a treasure hunt across San Francisco by hiding envelopes full of bills in unlikely places and providing clues via Twitter has moved