Monthly Archives: October 2011

Obama wins big in Libya

By Perry Diaz CRITICIZED and chastised by Republicans for not taking the lead of NATO forces in protecting Libyan rebels from the forces of Moammar Gadhafi, President Barack Obama’s “leading from behind”

Think globally, vote locally

By Rodel Rodis THE Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) was formed on September 29 at the conclusion of the Global Summit of Filipinos in the Diaspora which was held at the Philippine

Ongpin et al. guilty of insider trading

By Frank Wenceslao A FILIPINO American lawyer advising Pamusa is certain Roberto Ongpin and the John Does behind him are actionable for insider trading in obtaining and granting the PhP660 million DBP

Cha-cha is not the answer

IN THE past few weeks, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and House Speaker Sonny Belmonte have been pushing for Congress to convene itself into a constituent assembly to introduce amendments to the

60% don’t come for sex

THE FUROR over the assertion of US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas that 40% of male foreign visitors are sex tourists reminds me of the newspaper headline that declared, “50% of

The Disconnect about the Sex Tourism Remark

I FIRST learned about Filipino teen-age girls selling their bodies on San Francisco’s Sixth Street from a Filipino senior citizen manong who viewed the pitiful sight from his hotel window every night.