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Trump, Pershing and the Battle of Bud Dajo

By Rodel E. Rodis THE Philippines was finally mentioned by Donald Trump, the likely Republican presidential candidate in the November elections, but the reference may prompt his Filipino supporters to beg him

70th anniversary of the infamous Rescission Act of 1946

By Rodel E. Rodis ANYONE opposed to the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the United States and the Philippines, which the Philippine Supreme Court recently determined to be constitutional, should cite

What PH can teach America about treatment of refugees

By Rodel Rodis ONE WEEK after the ISIS terrorist attack in Paris, the Republican-dominated US House of Representatives passed a bill to halt the admission of Syrian refugees into the U.S. until

Heneral Luna and the French

By Rodel E. Rodis AFTER Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists began their massacre of Parisians on Friday the 13th of November, the spectators at a soccer match in Paris between France and Germany

Celebrating FilAm History Month without FilAm history

By Rodel Rodis SAN FRANCISCANS who celebrated Filipino American History Month at the stately City Hall rotunda on Wednesday, October 28, at the invitation of the City’s first Asian American mayor, Edwin

Foes unify to disqualify Poe

By Rodel E. Rodis SEN. Grace Poe has single-handedly united the backers of 2016 presidential candidates Mar Roxas and Jojo Binay as well as the behind-the-scenes supporters of ex-presidents Ferdinand Marcos and