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Trudeau incurs the wrath of the Punisher

By Perry Diaz AT THE urging of his Filipino-Canadian constituents, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dared to bring up “human rights” when he met with Philippine president Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte at the

Trump makes a fool of himself again

By Perry Diaz PRESIDENT Donald Trump would have achieved a five-star rating during his five-Asian tour. But while one can say that he would easily have breezed through Japan and South Korea,

Digong unleashes his attack dog

By Perry Diaz      HARRY Roque made his mark fighting for people’s human rights.  His resume is quite impressive.  He is a member of the 17th Congress representing the party-list group


By Perry Diaz IT’S NOT everyday that someone would call the most powerful leader in the world a “moron” or anything close to that. But that’s what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Digong’s misogynistic streak

By Perry Diaz IF THERE is one thing that President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte is consistent in doing, it’s his disrespect for women. It doesn’t matter whether it’s his wife – or wives

The Donald and Kim Road Show

By Perry Diaz MANY call it Cold War while some call it World War III in the making. And there are a growing number of people – experts – who believe that