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By Perry Diaz IT’S NOT everyday that someone would call the most powerful leader in the world a “moron” or anything close to that. But that’s what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Digong’s misogynistic streak

By Perry Diaz IF THERE is one thing that President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte is consistent in doing, it’s his disrespect for women. It doesn’t matter whether it’s his wife – or wives

The Donald and Kim Road Show

By Perry Diaz MANY call it Cold War while some call it World War III in the making. And there are a growing number of people – experts – who believe that

The Marcoses’ obsession with power

By Perry Diaz IF forty-five years after the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos proclaimed martial law and 31 years after he was deposed by the People Power Revolution of 1986, you’d think that

Dutertesized Supreme Court

By Perry Diaz WITH President Rodrigo Duterte’s appointment of four new Supreme Court justices, he has achieved in creating a bloc of magistrates in the High Court who are expected to support

Berting Kirat revisited

By Perry Diaz THIS story was originally written under my byline, “The Mysterious Life of Berting Kirat,”” on September 3, 2004. It was a time when corruption was rampant in Philippine government.