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Federalism: A lethal experiment?

By Val G. Abelgas AMID uncertainties raised by President Duterte’s threats to declare a revolutionary government or a nationwide martial law, now comes another debate on a hot issue that would put

Digong’s war against the reds and yellows

By Perry Diaz   IN A COUNTRY where groups and organizations are identified by colors, two groups – the “reds” and the “yellows” – have taken center stage in the political arena. 

Double standard in corruption drive

By Val G. Abelgas AT THE START of his presidency, President Duterte warned government officials to shape-up or he would fire them at the slightest hint of corruption. Indeed, Duterte has fired

Oplan Tokhang under fire

By Perry Diaz ONE OF the most controversial police operations is Oplan Tokhang where police officers have killed suspected drug pushers and users in the past 16 months. “Tokhang” is derived from

Of journalists and bloggers

By Val G. Abelgas IT MUST be difficult being a journalist in the Philippines these days. Where before, Malacanang reporters only had to worry about being scooped by the few competing journalists

Trudeau incurs the wrath of the Punisher

By Perry Diaz AT THE urging of his Filipino-Canadian constituents, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dared to bring up “human rights” when he met with Philippine president Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte at the