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By Perry Diaz IT’S NOT everyday that someone would call the most powerful leader in the world a “moron” or anything close to that. But that’s what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Beyond bloodied streets, what?

By Val G. Abelgas ONE THING that has stood out since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed the presidency in July last year is the fact that this former mayor of Davao City cannot

Digong’s misogynistic streak

By Perry Diaz IF THERE is one thing that President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte is consistent in doing, it’s his disrespect for women. It doesn’t matter whether it’s his wife – or wives

Grief won’t stop the hands of evil

By Val G. Abelgas HOURS after a lone gunman killed at least 59 people and injured 527 others in Las Vegas Sunday night, President Donald Trump called the attack “an act of

The Donald and Kim Road Show

By Perry Diaz MANY call it Cold War while some call it World War III in the making. And there are a growing number of people – experts – who believe that

A Christmas gift from Customs?

By Val G. Abelgas IN JULY this year, cargo forwarders asked the Bureau of Customs to take a second look at the agency’s tough new guidelines for sending balikbayan boxes to the