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What about the bigger crimes?

By Val G. Abelgas THOUSANDS of suspected drug users and pushers have been killed since President Duterte launched his war on drugs last year and police officials, led by PNP chief Director

Sanctions on the Philippines?

By Perry Diaz IN A MOVE that infuriated President Rodrigo Duterte, the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs’ Human Rights Commission held a hearing on Duterte’s “War on Drugs” campaign. At the

Digong’s juggling act

By Perry Diaz AFTER a year in the presidency, Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte has been embroiled in countless of wars against everybody he didn’t like or those who disagreed with his policies or

What happened to ‘never again’?

By Val G. Abelgas WHAT ever happened to “Never again to martial law”? A phrase opt-repeated in many rallies long after the Filipino people ousted the dictatorship of the late Ferdinand Marcos

Is the ‘Ilocos Six’ a proxy war?

By Perry Diaz IN A MAJOR setback for Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, she failed to secure immediate relief from the Supreme Court (SC) against the House of Representatives’ (HOR) inquiry into

The politics behind the ‘Ilocos Six’

By Perry Diaz IN Philippine politics, it’s hard to determine who the real enemies are. Their enemies today could be their allies tomorrow or vice versa. Which reminds me of Benjamin Disraeli’s