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How to care for your lungs

By Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RD LUNG problems can range from as simple as cough that resolves after a few days to more debilitating serious illnesses such as COPD or Chronic Obstructive

Dinakdakan (Boiled And Grilled Pig Parts)

By Aurea Doria Dacasin INGREDIENTS ½ kilo deboned maskara (pig’s head) ¼ cup vinegar ½ cup onion, thinly sliced ¼ cup chopped ginger ¼ cup cooked pork brains 1 teaspoon ground pepper

Beyond siopao, siomai, and sweet-sour

By Sol Vanzi JUST when we thought we had tasted everything Chinese, a preview of Jing Ting, a Chinese restaurant at the City of Dreams complex taught me a lesson: there’s a lot more to Chinese food

Small improvements to eating habits may prolong life: study

IT’S hard to eat right all the time, but making small improvements by choosing healthier foods now and then may significantly boost one’s chances of living longer, said a US study Wednesday.

Can you die of sleep apnea?

By Eduardo Gonzales, MD SLEEP apnea is when a person stops breathing for 10 seconds to a minute or longer while sleeping. In fact, everyone stops breathing for a brief period of

Sisig debate sizzles

By Sol Vanzi ANGELES CITY, which officially claims to be the birthplace of sizzling sisig, has taken steps to legislate the recipe for the Filipino dish that is currently the hottest topic in culinary