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Mortgage Debt Relief Act one step closer to an extension

By Ken Go SOME encouraging news for financially stressed homeowners across the country: The Senate Finance Committee approved a bipartisan bill before heading home for summer recess that would extend the Mortgage

How will QE3 help keep mortgage interest low

By Ken Go RECENTLY, the Federal Reserve announced a third round of “quantitative easing,” or QE3, to stimulate the economy. So let’s do a quick run through of what that means. How

Refinance your mortgage without extending the term

By Ken Go OBVIOUSLY, the simplest way to refinance without extending the term is to select a new mortgage with a shorter term. How do you refinance your 30 year loan after

Philippine real estate market booming

By Ken Go LET ME share you my thoughts about my recent trip to the Philippines. I primarily stayed in the Metro Manila and Makati area for about a week. I met

Market fears that recovery is very short term

By Ken Go Almost all the economists and think tanks are all fearing the same worse scenario for the US economy. I know we probably might think that the economy seems to

Are lenders finally reducing loan balances on Loan Modifications?

By Ken Go Caller: My neighbor has a loan modification package that reduced their loan balance by about $200,000, which reduced their payments by about $600-700 per month. I have a very