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At Atlas, we’re happy to help

By Joel P. Longares I HAVE just been to Capiz and saw for myself the devastation that typhoon Yolanda brought upon my province mates. It was the same scene of death and

Philippine politics is a business

By Joel P. Longares AS IN ALL elections in the Philippines, there were reports of rampant vote buying in the country’s barangay elections. It was reported that in some barangays, especially in

Call Atlas anytime, 24/7

By Joel P. Longares ATLAS Shippers International has become one of, if not the biggest, service providers to overseas Filipinos in the United States because we have always strived to improve our

Giving back to Capiz

By Joel P. Longares THERE IS a Tagalog saying “Ang hindi lumingon sa pinaggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.” Roughly translated, it means “He who does not look back to his beginnings

Businessmen are asking: What now?

By Joel P. Longares WITH the divisive US elections now over, businessmen are asking “what now?” Will the election of President Barack Obama mean the economy would continue its slow crawl to

Finally, we are being heard

By Joel P. Longares On Wednesday, September 26, 2012, I am scheduled to report to the Philippine American Shippers Association (PASA) on what we have done so far in our pursuit of