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Duterte deserves our support

By Joel P. Longares FOR SO LONG, the Philippines has been ruled by people from the elite who have not done anything to improve the lives of our poor people. While these

The need to rationalize the balikbayan box industry

By Joel P. Longares WITH the Senate and the House of Representatives finally recognizing the need to take a second look at balikbayan boxes, we are hoping that the senators and congressmen

Beware of balikbayan box companies vowing no delays

By Joel P. Longares I’VE SEEN it many times before. In my more than 22 years as a cargo forwarder, I’ve seen many upstart cargo companies making incredible promises to customers that they

We may just have to live with the delays

By Joel P. Longares WITH all the many things causing delays in shipment of cargoes, balikbayan box forwarders may no longer be able to promise delivery of boxes in 24 days. Until

Truck ban major concern for traders, cargo forwarders

By Joel P Longares THE government should start taking a serious look at Metro Manila’s traffic problems. Two separate studies by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the DOT in 1999

Finding the real meaning of life

By Joel P. Longares Have you even been reminded by a family member, friend or any acquaintance that life is short and we have to live the most of it? I guess,