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Federalism: A lethal experiment?

By Val G. Abelgas AMID uncertainties raised by President Duterte’s threats to declare a revolutionary government or a nationwide martial law, now comes another debate on a hot issue that would put

Double standard in corruption drive

By Val G. Abelgas AT THE START of his presidency, President Duterte warned government officials to shape-up or he would fire them at the slightest hint of corruption. Indeed, Duterte has fired

Of journalists and bloggers

By Val G. Abelgas IT MUST be difficult being a journalist in the Philippines these days. Where before, Malacanang reporters only had to worry about being scooped by the few competing journalists

Cambodia and PH: Headed same way?

By Val G. Abelgas FILIPINOS should watch with interest developments in Cambodia, a leading member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations that has in the last few years gravitated towards China.

Clearing the path to tyranny

By Val G. Abelgas IT SEEMS the Duterte administration is hell-bent, in the words of the Liberal Party, on demonizing the opposition in the country. The other week, the President himself alleged

The Battle for Marawi has just begun

By Val G. Abelgas AFTER five months of seemingly endless battles and bombings, the Philippine military finally was able to declare an end to the hostilities in Marawi, the bloodiest and costliest